The price of my cookies is based on size and detail involved.   It takes quite a bit of time to roll, cut, bake, and decorate a cookie, and the more detail involved - the higher the price.  In addition, I use the freshest and finest ingredients, including real sweet cream butter, fresh eggs and natural flavorings.   I think you'll find my cost is less than or comparable to your neighborhood bakery or online retailer.

Basic:  Simple design, using up to 2 colors of icing.

Detailed:  More complex design, using 3-5 colors of icing.  Also includes simple handwriting.

Very Detailed:  5+ colors of icing, embellishments, designs requiring hand-cutting of dough, and complex handwriting.

BULK DISCOUNTS:  I DO NOT offer discounts on bulk orders.

SHIPPING COSTS:  Because of the fragility of my cookies, I can only ship 2 dozen cookies per shipping box.  Shipping ranges from $14-20 per 2-dozen box.